The SciEnCe's many years' activity experience shows up that the major problem of main participants of new technologies mastering:
   - the AUTHORS of new ideas, devices, instruments, technologies, etc.,
   - the CONSUMERS, customers of such devices, technologies or other intellectual labour products, who gain significant economic, energetic or other advantages as a result of their mastering, application or consumption,
   - INVESTORS concerned in the most benefitial, long-term and strategic capital investing,
is the lack of information, interaction, contacts and understanding between them. Typical (off-line) advertising technologies cannot solve this problem entirely. At present, when the Internet breaks the frontiers of information space, the opportunity of direct participation in immediate dicsussion on any problem appears for every member of this triangle.

SciEnCe takes an active part in such interaction. We can help:


To present their ideas to the society - for this we are planning to release an ezine. Please send your works to us, desirable as files with brief annotation. If authors wish, we could give their articles for reviews to well-known specialists. We can excibit the most interesting results on our site with a qualified review.


To be parsed in usefulness, expediency and profitability of that or another ideas or technologies. For this purpose we can draw the most skilled specialists who could give an expert estimation to such proposals and could attest it in the correspondent organization.


To find out the problem's solution which would give the maximum economic effect. For this we can draw groups of scientists and engineers knowing the subject well. They can process the information and design the result in a form account with recommendations, suggestions and expert advices, they will carry out experiments, syntheses, study ofs, etc. Accost to us and we shall try to resolve your problems.

Various equipment

Specialists of various fields:

To find out the application for their gifts, knowledges, experiences, and also for their instrument park capabilities, for their ties and for their aquaintances with various organizations.

Your offers

You may also send your offers to us. They will be discussed and you will receive a response.