Moessbauer methods

The cassiterite contents analyzer ACK-01

The cassiterite contents analyzer ACK-01 is arranged for express analysis of powdered samples on the tin oxides in geology, mining and affinating industry at laboratory and field conditions.

The newest metodical achievements of Moessbauer spectroscopy are combined with the original developments of electronic systems in this apparatus. The novelty of the solutions is defended by four patents.

ACK-01  is the unique apparatus which is capable to carry out phase analysis of tin-containing ores and minerals with the sensitivity about 0,005% . Neither of existing now nondestructing express-methods of ores and minerals study-of (xray-phase, xray-fluorescent or neutron-activation) is not able to answer the question on micro-phase composition of a substance. As a new generation apparatus ACK-1 completes the series of developments for micro-phase analysis of tin-containing ores and have no analogs neither in Russia nor abroad.

This instrument has been highly appreciated at international and all-Russian excibitions.

Technical characteristics

Measuring tin oxides concentration range 0,005%  -  10%
Study-of elapsing time at concentration range 0,2% - 10% not above 1 min
at concentration range 0,005%  -  0,2% not above 5 min
Power supplying voltage 12 V
Consuming power less 7 VA
Dimensions 410 x 220 x 150 mm
Mass 10,3 kg
Powdered samples coarseness less 260

The high-sensivitive method of gold phase state definition

The existing technology of extracting of gold from carbon-containing ores allows extacting of elementary forms of gold only. The metal bounded with the carbon matrix is not extracted. The most perspective method for investigation of gold and probably platinum forms of existance in ores and minerals is Moessbauer spectroscopy method. The data on the forms of presence of gold in minerals would allow to calculate possible degree of its extraction in existing technological processes for their improvement.

To date, we have developed the scientific base of creating of high-sensitive resonance detector for determination of phase state and oxidation degree of gold and platinum in ores and minerals. We have developed the scheme of measuring device for Moessbauer spectroscopy analysis of natural objects which allows to get information on co-existing forms of gold and platinum.

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